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Illegitimate deposition of Patriarch Theophilus of Ethiopia

The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church met on Saturday 14 August 1976 (corresponding to 8 Mesra 1692) under the chairmanship of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and the 117t...

Keywords: Celebrations, Bishops, Sister & Daughter Churches, Patriarchs, Church Canons, Depositions & Cutting Off
Chatper: Ethiopia
Published: 14 August 1976

Agreement of Protocol with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

After the proposed Protocol with the Ethiopian Church attached in Appendix No. 6-Awas approved by the Ethiopian Holy Synod in March 1994, and unanimously ap...

Keywords: Sister & Daughter Churches, Protocols
Chatper: Ethiopia
Published: 31 March 1994

Ethipian Orthodox Church's hostility with the Church of Eritrea

His Holiness the Pope announced that the situation had changed suddenly with the Church of Ethiopia. The Church of Ethiopia announced its refusal for the Church of Alexandria to ordain a patriarch ...

Keywords: Bishops, Enthronement, Consecrations & Ordinations, Sister & Daughter Churches, Patriarchs
Chatper: Ethiopia
Published: 18 June 1994

Invitation for meeting between Patriarch of Ethiopia and HH Pope Shenouda

The Holy Synod was notified that a letter was received from His Holiness Father Paulos, the Patriarch of Ethiopia, which announced that he had responded to all requests of His Holiness Pope Shenoud...

Keywords: Sister & Daughter Churches, Patriarchs
Chatper: Ethiopia
Published: 26 May 2007

Meetings with the Church of Ethiopia

The developments of the relationship with the Church of Ethiopia were presented as follows:

  1. The visit of the Patriarch of Ethiopia to His Holiness the Pope between 13-14 July 2007.
  2. <...

Keywords: Sister & Daughter Churches, Patriarchs, Protocols
Chatper: Ethiopia
Published: 06 June 2009