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Addition to the Diocese of Manfalot

In the Vespers of the Coronation of the Patriarch of Eretria on 07/05/1998

The Decree of the Holy Synod was signed with the approval of the recommendation of the Diocesans Affairs Committee t...

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Published: 13 June 1992

Care for the Diocese of Sinai

His Grace Bishop Ignatius has requested that pastoral care should be provided to Sinai with the ordination of a Bishop for it before it is lost from us: Dahab and Nuweiba, Ras Sidr, South of Sinai,...

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Published: 13 June 1992

HG Bishop Amonios cease works in the Diocese of Luxor

With the leadership of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and the attendance of 76 members of the Holy Synod, and His Grace Bishop Amonios;

after lengthy investigations undertaken over several d...

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Published: 13 June 1992

Papal deputy appointed for the Diocese of Gerga

His Grace Metropolitan Mina, Metropolitan of Gerga, sent a letter written and signed for His Holiness the Pope, requesting the appointment of a Papal Deputy for the Diocese of Gerga due to his heal...

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Published: 02 June 2001

HG Bishop Takla's mismanagement of the Diocese of Dishna

In the meeting on 02/06/2001

His Holiness the Pope said:

We trust that His Grace Bishop Takla will resolve the issue with the land of Al-Awamia. The land of Al-Awamia (in Luxor) ...

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Published: 22 June 2002

Resignation of HG Bishop Mettias

His Holiness the Pope announced that he had received a letter attached at Appendix No. 4-Bfrom His Grace Bishop Mettias, Bishop of Al-Mahalla and its affili...

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Published: 18 June 2005