About the Decrees

Decrees are decisions made by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Issues are brought to the attention of the Holy Synod by individual members and by committees and sub-committees. These matters are debated by the members during Holy Synod meetings. Issues may require further research by the relevant committees and sub-committees before a decision is made.

In order to issue a decree, members of the Holy Synod must take a vote. A specific proportion of votes is required for the decree to be passed (Article 43, Principle Constitution). Once a decree is issued, it becomes enforceable unless otherwise stated within the decree.

Please note, the Holy Synod has warned against the publication of recommendations that have not yet been considered by the Holy Synod. Such recommendations are not decrees, and should not be implemented unless and until approved by the Holy Synod. As such, no unapproved recommendations are published on this website.